To Myself

Ours has been a slow and unromantic love. On and off, on and off, it felt as if I would never truly accept you and be happy; I was always trying to change you. That’s over, now. Now, I can truly be happy in you, alone and at peace.  Read More


Little Love

this is not a happy story, nor do I believe it to be well written, but I am sharing it with you for judgment all the same. For context- I wrote this at 4 in the morning, it took an hour and I changed it into a short story/crime report halfway through.

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Grief- A Short Story

The glade was bathed in golden light, the tree trunks surrounding it standing as tall and silent pillars. It was as if the earth itself was standing still, the heat unbearable to even the wind. In this part of the world the summers were brutal, but the land provided year round better than any of the others. Read More

To New Friendships

I know you are young, and that this may seem sudden, but I love you. Any new friendship, not even one in particular, feels exciting/ There’s just something about learning so much about someone so quickly, and feeling that bond form, that I love.  Read More

To Anger

What can I say? I love how you burn within me, creating that fiery passion that allows me to feel at least something. This is a love letter, but I hate you just as much. How righteous you can be, yet how unjustified. There are so many reasons for you to appear, and yet, you come to me know when I need you the least. Read More

To My Unrequited Love

It pains me, oh how it pains me, to think of you in this way. Do you think of me in such a manner too? I can only wonder- though I know you don’t. I never thought I was a romantic until I met you. You changed everything for me, made me question the world itself and what it truly is to love another being, one as perfectly imperfect as you. Read More